Extremadura, with almost one million hectares of meadow, constitutes an ecological paradise, having one of the best-preserved ecosystems in Europe. In an expanse of holm oaks, cork oaks, pastures, scrub and gall oaks, imagine everything you can see taking a walk around the estate.

In our environment, wild species such as wild boar, deer and dormouse coexist harmoniously with livestock species such as Merino sheep, red bovine (on our farm limousine cows) and, the main protagonist during the winter, the Iberian pig. From mid-October to mid-February, the montanera* period takes place, when the acorns fall from the holm oaks and are freely available to the pigs for food.

* (It is the last phase of the breeding of the Iberian pig and consists of letting the pig graze in the meadow)

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